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Asia Boardgame News (27/1/18)

Welcome to our first round-up of developments in the Asian board game scene. This series will be released once or twice a month, covering news, trends and just plain gossip spotted online.

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This only tangentially fits, but the most jaw-dropping story is about Rising Sun from CMON. A few gamers were confused by the inclusion of something called a ‘Kotahi’ in the blockbuster’s line-up of traditional Japanese monsters.

No such monster exists in Japanese folklore.

The story gets stranger from there, as recounted by John Brieger in the brilliant piece How a Random New Zealand Man Became a Character in Rising Sun.

Of course, Rising Sun never claimed to be a nuanced depiction of traditional Japanese society, and who needs historical accuracy when it comes to board games? But it still isn’t a great look.

The Taipei Game Show opened its doors to about 300,000 visitors and saw the debut of two titles (52 Days and Stone Cold Kitty) from Xoanz. Mandoo Games announced their 2018 lineup, although faithful readers will have noticed some tidbits dropped during our interview with Kevin Kim.

Deepwater Games announced they’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring Herbalism from EmperorS4 to the United States (matching our own campaign to bring Mystery of the Temples to Germany).

Hifumin’s Shogi Dojo (working title) has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. Players will be brought through the concepts and problems of shogi under the watchful guidance of retired professional Hifumi Katou.

And speaking of games I’ve never played, Deadly Premonition: The Board Game is set for release on January 31st. Publisher Rising Star Games raised $150,000 to bring the cult 2010 murder mystery video game to the tabletop.

Congratulations to everyone who took home awards at the Golden Donkey Boardgame Exhibition! This includes Crows Overkill (most popular) and Conflicting Legends (best Taiwanese design).

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