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Global Boardgame News (February 10)

This series is released once or twice a month, covering international gaming news, trends and just plain gossip spotted online. 

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The last few weeks were mostly focused on the International Toy Fair. So grab a bratwurst and throw on some lederhosen, because we’re going to Nuremberg!

At Sweet Lemon Publishing, we were happy to reunite with our friends from Korea Boardgames, who brought a booth for the first time.

Most of their wheeling and dealing involved their Essen 2017 releases. However, there was one new title for Eric Martin to scope out

We’re helping Korea Boardgames bring their first game to Kickstarter in the near future. Stay tuned for The Bark Side!

Elsewhere, most of the publishers were based in Europe, but there were outliers. It was particularly interesting to see Tokyo Game Market make its presence felt.

Those who missed it at NiceGameShop will be happy to hear Queen Games is releasing King of Frontier (scoop)!

Hobby Japan are releasing a new version of dojo-simulator Master of Respect.

American publishers Deepwater Games will be releasing Round House and Sorceror & Stones from EmperorS4 after their initial campaign to launch Herbalism and other small-box titles.

Bakudan Takarabako “Bomb & Treasures” is being released by IELLO with a new (Greek) theme and a new name: Nessos. They will also be releasing The Legend of the Cherry Tree that Blossoms Every Ten Years which updates Hitohira, another treasure from Tokyo Game Market.

From Russia, GaGa Games brought Lords of the Fjords – a strategy game with a viking theme (and lots of cubes).

Moscow’s Hobby World unveiled the latest expansion to Viceroy. Times of Darkness adds ‘fastidious aristocrats and shady underworld figures’ to spice up your games.

Hedgehog Roll by Lifestyle is a charming ‘roll and move’ game in which you roll a sticky velcro ball to collect forest goodies. Use the goodies to move your hedgehog on the board to escape the fox. It’s aimed at children (obviously), but can be also quite challenging for adults and can be played either cooperatively or competitively.

Do You Gnome Me? is a memory game that challenges players to rebuild a gnome’s features after seeing them for just a second.

Sort of like police sketches after a very small crime…

Dawn Under is a reprint of a Zoch Game from 2004 which was on the Spiel Des Jahres recommendation list. While out of print in Germany it held its popularity in Russia and Lifestyle are bringing it out again with updated artwork.

Also from Lifestyle, Finding Nessie is in the same vein as Lifestyle’s Macroscope from 2016. It challenges players to lift tiles and collect all 6 parts of the legendary Scottish beastie.

Keeping things watery, the final Lifestyle title is Aqualiens. In this speed game, players flip over a card revealing how many extremities their alien needs. Then it’s a race to collect the right transparent cards to match.

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