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Winners of the KBG Design Contest 2017

After many entries, hours of playtesting and a lot of discussion, it’s time to announce the winners of the 2017 Korea Boardgames design contest.

We’d like to thank all those who submitted – and encourage everyone to keep working on their designs, as we’re looking forward to more tabletop treasure in 2018!

Now for the final decisions…


The Age of Discover​ (Joo Bong Hwan)


Grand Museum (Rob Cramer)
Hoon Min Jeong Eum (Park Na la)

Win the Game of Your Choice

To celebrate 1,000 Twitter followers we’re giving away a stack of cool prizes!

Prize A – massive stack of 7(!) titles from Korea Boardgames

Prize B – Terrible Monster (with expansion) and upcoming Fantasy Defense

Prize C – the NiceGameShop title of your choice! Just tell us why you deserve it more than everyone else

To enter: retweet this post with the game you want from NiceGameShop and the reason you deserve it.

Good luck!

Fantasy Defense on Kickstarter

Exactly one week after launching our campaign we’re very happy with the current state of affairs! We have already unlocked the second chapter of the campaign and are well on the way to unlocking the third.

Thanks for your support!

Additionally, we’ve received one Mercenary Pledge (adding a unique new allied unit to the game) and recently we got our first Evil Lieutenant Pledge. This means there will be an additional envelope for all KS Limited Edition backers with a unique boss to fight  as well as their minions, backstory and unlock condition (and of course this is hidden content so we won´t reveal much more)!

Since we love to see your ideas, we´ll be running a contest to win an Evil Lieutenant Level Pledge worth 480€. This prize includes:

  • Your own Envelope with a Boss, Minion Type (including new illustrations based on your input) and Unlock Condition that will be included in the KS-Limited edition of the game.
  • 1 Deluxe Edition Pledge content including Playmat and Sleeves for all cards
  • 4 Additional KS-Limited edition copies to spread among your friends
  • Free worldwide shipping

How To Enter: Leave your submission on the comments section of the Fantasy Defense Campaign.

What to Enter: We´ll need a description of your Boss and his Minions, ideally including some gameplay mechanisms they could use. We’ll also need your suggestion for how your boss could be unlocked.

Submission Example

Necromancer (Boss)

Story: Some nights, when the moon is full and the air itself seems frozen, spirits and shambling corpses from The Other Side begin to roam. Some say you can coax them into doing your bidding…

Gameplay: Mechanisms could include returning killed units to the deck. CV35/60 “As long as the necromancer is in play, return 1 enemy unit from the discard pile to the bottom of the deck.”

Skeleton (Minion)

Story: Frozen bones brought dancing back to life with arcane energies.

Gameplay:  CV10, “Whenever you put a non-skeleton unit on the discard pile, if there are skeletons on the discard pile, return one of them to the gates using normal placement rules.”

Unlock Condition: “Drawn To Power”
To open this envelope, beat the basic game without using any spells.

That’s it!

Just post your idea on the Fantasy Defense Comment Page. We´ll select and test the best ideas during the next 2 weeks, with earlier entries generally having a better chance of being tested than later ones.

We´ll announce the winner one week before the end of the campaign, on May 14th.

Thanks everyone and see you soon!

The universal basic income game design contest

The Korean magazine Hangyeoreh 21 is launching a game design contest in collaboration with Kakao Story Funding and Korea Boardgames. It’s about answering a simple question: “Would you like to receive a basic monthly income of 1.35 million won – or about $1200US?”

Game designers are well-suited to explore issues surrounding the universal basic income.

You’ll be tasked with designing a game about a society that guarantees fixed income to anyone. By letting us experience the reality of basic income, can such a game influence how we feel about equal opportunities? Could this income be a new hope for Hell Joseon?

We are counting on you to turn the imagination into reality.

The contest will be conducted and evaluated by the representatives of Korea Boardgames. The first prize winner will be published and commercialized by the company (if no game has enough potential for publishing, there will no 1st prize winner).

If the game is published, it will be the first board game based on basic income in the world!

Contest Information


Design a tabletop game based on basic income, with a playtime under one hour.


Submitted games will go through two evaluation phases.

  1. Jury will evaluate rules and entry form sent by each contestant and select finalists for 2nd phase.
  2. Jury will evaluate prototypes sent by contestants selected in the previous phase, and select winners.


  • ghiot@koreaboardgames.com
  • Korea Boardgames (3F, Contest), 10 Yopung-gil, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do 413-841, Korea.

Submission Requirements

  • Game description (no longer than single A4 page)
  • Complete rules (only .pdf, .doc or .ppt accepted)
  • 1-2 pictures of gameplay
  • Author information form
  • Signature must be handwritten. When submitting your project by mail, please print the form to sign and scan it (or take a clear picture of the form) to send it to the Jury.


The submission deadline is February 1st, 2017 (submissions sent by post stamped on that date are taken into account).


  • Announcement of 1st phase finalists: February 13th
  • 2nd phase prototype sent to Jury: from February 14th to March 10th
  • Announcement of winners: March 31th


1st place: 1,000,000 won
(~$850US at time of publication)

2nd place: 400,000 won
(~$350US at time of publication)

3rd place: 200,000 won
(~$170US at time of publication)

Please be aware that under the Articles 21 and 33 of Korea’s Corporation & Income Tax Law, prizes are subject to taxes.

Additional rules

  • Rights of the game remain author’s property at all times.
  • Number of games submitted by a contestant is not limited to 1.
  • Submitted games should not be previously published. Games already going through another contest or under contract with another publisher cannot be submitted.
  • All entry forms and prototypes sent to Jury will not be send back afterwards.
  • Korea Boardgames cannot use or publish any submitted entry form and prototype without author’s consent. If
  • Korea Boardgames wants to use it for commercial purposes, the company must sign a contract in due form with the author.
  • Any submission that is not an author’s original work will be disqualified, prize will be canceled, and prize money will be reclaimed.
  • Korea Boardgames will not be held responsible for any unsolicited mail the company receives.
  • Any contestants who don’t fulfill the requirements outlined herewith will be disqualified.

Winners of the KBG Design Contest 2016

As stated before for this year we decided to have only two prizes which can be awarded multiple times. We would like to award the silver prize for unique and interesting games to three entries of our contest. Before announcing the winners first we want to thank all the participants of our contest. We had a good time playing the games and we are proud that our little contest which started 5 years ago grew to what it is now.

Now without further ado, the winners of the silver prize of the KBG Design Contest 2016:

Defuser by Liu Xiao

모범시민 (Model Citizen) by 박민후

최고의 상인 (The Best Traders) by 김성현

Feedback for the finalist entries will follow. Also everyone who sent a prototype will get it back soon.
Thank you for your participation and see you again next time.

Finalist Announcement

First off, thanks everybody for participating in our little contest.
After a thorough evaluation process we finally can announce the finalists for the Korea Boardgames Design Contest 2016. With 163 submissions from 14 different countries we decided on these 32 entries for the final round:

Easter Island (Richard de Rijk)
The Ogels – Building a Tower (Per Landberger)
VOC – Dutch East India Company (Richard de Rijk)
Hedeby (Kalle Malmioja)
Lava Run (Mike Nudd)
Four Winds (Wes Crandall)
Cinderella and the prince (Tim Roediger)
Defuser (Liu Xiao)
King’s Feud (Dany Adi)
510 (Mathijs Jansen)
Les Petits Pirates (George Jaros)
Iceberg (Markus Hagenauer)
Master Plan (Dave Myers)
Well of wishes (Theofilos Koutroubis)
니다벨리르의 예언자들(김나래)
로스트 앤 파운드(김태완)
밸런타인 에프터(서진우)
마법사의 제자들(신형규)
멍청한 암살자(노성종)
치킨 런(황보민)
천사와 악마(김동화)

We will contact the finalists individually to arrange for shipment of the prototypes (or the sending of the PnP-files).
Once again, thanks everybody for participating!

KBG Design Contest 2016

This year is a special one for us, because this is the fifth time that we are starting this contest. We can look back on a very successful history of contests. Not only did we receive over 500 high quality submissions over the years, but there were also several which were published by KBG.

The winner of the contest in 2012, Love Means Nothing by Ariel Seoane, got published as Grand Slam in 2014.
Also the runner-up of that year, Grazing Lands from Christwart Conrad, got published as Boom: Runaway in 2014.
The winner of 2014, Last Dice Standing by Keewoong Kim, got a release in Essen 2015 as H.I.D.E.: Hidden Identity Dice Espionage.

But these three releases are only a tiny fraction of the amount of great games you send to us from all over the world.

We are very happy to announce the 2016 KBG design contest and in our special anniversary year we would like to keep what was great about our last contests and change stuff you proposed.

The goal is once again to find a family-style game with the hardcore gamer appeal. What we looking for are games that are easy enough to understand so that a 8 year old can pick up and play, but that an adult can enjoy as well.
All rights will remain with the authors at all times – same as in all previous KBG contests.
This time we try something a little bit different with the prize structure. There are going to be two different prizes to win:
For excellent games worth showing a wider audience we will award the silver prize, which is $500.
For great games we would like to publish, we will award $1000 + the offer of a publication contract and a royalty down payment of $1500!
Both prizes can be awarded multiple times to different entries.
New this year is that we will offer detailed feedback on all finalist entries.
Many of you critizised that we allowed KBG employees to participate in the contest last year. We hear you and from this year on we won’t allow KBG employees to send in submissions.

KBG Design Contest 2016 Overview

I. Topic

Family game meets Gamer’s game, 60 min or less, all themes and genres are welcome

II. Jury Criteria

Elegance (Easy rules that still provide interesting and engaging gameplay)
Technical Excellence (Well-rounded rules without loopholes or imbalances)
High Replay Value

III. Entry Conditions

Both new and experienced authors may participate
Only original, unpublished games
No games that have been entered into other contests or submitted to a publisher during the time of this contest
Rules may be sent in English or Korean
No submissions by KBG employees are allowed

IV. Required Submission Content

Complete rules (.pdf, .doc or .ppt)
1-2 Pictures of the game in progress
Game Description (not more than one A4-page)
Author Information Sheet with (scanned) signature (find it here)
Prototype (only if selected for the final round)

V. Prizes

Gold: US$ 1000 + the offer to publish the game at KBG with a $1500 royalty down payment
Silver: US$ 500

VI. Jury and Selection Process

The Jury will consist of the Korea Boardgames Editorial Team.
Jury decisions are final and there is no right of appeal
No reason for elimination from the contest will be given, but we offer feedback on finalist entries.

VII. Other Rules

The rights to the games remain with the authors at all times.
Submissions should be sent to: go@koreaboardgames.com
KGB is not to be held liable for any unsolicited mailings
Entries that don’t fulfill the requirements outlined in section 3 of these rules will be disqualified
In case of fraud by participants, KBG reserves the right to withdraw or reclaim prizes as appropriate

VIII. Timeline

Contest Announcement
January 18th
Submission Period:
January 18th to April 1st

April 1st to April 18th
Finalist Announcement
April 18th

Prototype Sending
April 18th to May 20th

Finalist Testing
until August 24th
Announcement of Winners
August 24th

King’s Pouch Contest Winner Announcement

Hey everybody!

Essen is over for more than 2 weeks now and finally we come around to look at the amazing stuff you send us for the contest. Until then these are the winners of the King’s Pouch contest:

  1. prize: A KBG mega bundle consisting of King’s Pouch, Coconuts, Abraca…what?, Monster my neighbor, Dungeon Busters, Grand Slam, Boom Runaway, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms and Colorful Serengeti goes to Brian Nguyen. Thank you Brian!
  2. prize King’s Pouch, Coconuts, Monster My Neighbor and Dungeon Busters goes to Tommy Nomad. Thank you Tommy!
  3. prize  a copy of King’s Pouch and Coconuts goes to Hanibal Sonderegger. Thank you Hanibal
  4. prize: a copy of King’s Pouch goes to Dimitri G. Thank you Dimitri
  5. prize: a copy of King’s Pouch goes to Hannes Lebert. Thank you Hannes.

Thank you all for your participation! If I haven’t already I will contact you soon for your address.

The King’s Pouch Contest

Hey everybody!

With the arrival of fresh copies of King’s Pouch we want to celebrate this game, which Richard Ham of Rahdo Runs Through praised for “best bag building in a bag builder”. You can find his great video here.

Without further ado I can announce the King’s Pouch contest here on our blog with the possibilty to win great prizes. You can win King’s Pouch of course but also our other games like Abraca… what?! and Coconuts and even our novelties for this year: Monster my Neighbor and Dungeon Busters.

Continue reading The King’s Pouch Contest