For those who don’t know, what is Last One In?

Last One In is a competitive and fun card game for 2-4 players.

Each player takes turns rescuing civilians from the zombie apocalypse and playing zombies against their opponents. There are also cards to confound your opponents moves.

What was the development process like? What are some of the significant changes made along the way?

A lot of playtesting with the public and refining the balance of the game. You find that some cards are overpowered or slow the game.

It’s also surprisingly tricky creating small amounts of text for cards which adequately explain the card’s function, but we got there!

Also developing the art style so it’s not too horrific but still has a zombie theme without being too cartoonish.

This is a question for the whole team. What’s your favorite zombie film, game or story?

Aaron: Romero’s Day of The Dead (original version).

Janine: My zombie influences are the original Dawn of the Dead films I also liked the remake. I liked to idea of fast zombies even though it was a bit corny. I also really enjoyed the comedy zombie films like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, films like Wasting Away¬†or Harold’s Going Stiff, and the zombie series by Madeleine Roux.

Mark: I don’t really have a favorite, so here’s a short list: Warm Bodies, Zombieland, Z Nation, IZombie, Dead Island, and Deadrising 2.

Zombies are obviously a beloved theme for gamers. What do you think keeps us coming back?

There is something about a slow, somewhat weak sea of horror moving towards you which can overwhelm you by sheer numbers.

  Interview: Takashi Hamada of Gift 10 Industry

Most people if they could stomach it would be able to overpower one or two zombies, which gives the audience a sense they might be able to survive, as long as they aren’t mobbed. So it appeals to our sense of surviving and heroism in the face of danger while seeming to be achievable.

On a darker note, because they have no feelings or free will anymore it seems okay to smash them to bits (not sure what that says about us, but it’s all just fantasy!)

Your Kickstarter refers to expansions as ‘booster’ packs. Can you explain how these work? Are they random?

Booster packs or expansion packs will actually be specific cards intended to replace cards in the base deck. The idea is to modify the game in this way, rather than searching for random cards, you can buy specific expansion packs and then customize the deck.

Since the deck is used by all players, there is no advantage to finding a special card in a booster pack, you still need to be lucky enough to draw it in the game.

Essentially new cards will add powers to buildings or create new zombie/ human types which will affect gameplay in various ways.

Bringing a game to Kickstarter is a pretty intense process. What’s 1 tip you’d give to those thinking about it?

Hmm, make sure you have a big social media following, especially Facebook because it’s the one directly connected to Kickstarter.