Can you introduce yourself and your company to those who might not know?

Hi, my name is Kenechukwu Ogbuagu KC. I am a 24 years old boardgame designer and publisher in Nigeria. Since 2013 when I first made my first game sketch, I have gone on to publish 7 different games with more prototypes. I have also been able to organize free conventions and introduce people to the table top gaming community.

I founded a company called NIBCARD Nig Ltd (Nigeria Board, CArd, Role-play, Dice). At NIBCARD we are on a mission to introduce 1 million homes in Nigeria to tabletop gaming by 2020.

We have sold over 2500 games and given out over 300 freely since January 2017. We also organize free gaming events, workshops for school children on game design and also publishing a weekly newspaper in Nigeria.

Can you tell a bit about the board game scene in Nigeria?

Of course, but first may I introduce you to Nigeria?

We are a country of over 200 million people and the highest populated country in Africa. Situated at the West side of Africa, Nigeria is a country of many heritage and stories with over 200 language (that means over 200 ways of saying ‘tabletop games’ #smiling).

However, we do not have an active gaming community, even when a high majority are interested. Despite the fact that, in 2015, a Nigerian won the World Scrabble Competition. We also have a Monopoly franchise company in Nigeria producing different editions of monopoly.

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Part of what causes our inactive gaming scene is the small pool of game we have in the market, lack of gaming gatherings and activities and some stereotypes about associating card games to gambling.

For instance, we have just 7 boardgames in our gaming market – with the exception of a few who either ordered overseas or received it from overseas. And most Nigerian parents wouldn’t want their children playing cards because they think it’s only for gambling.

You launched an Indiegogo campaign for a board game convention in Nigeria. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

I just got tired of trying to explain to people about why I was interested in tabletop gaming and the experience it gives – so ABCon was conceived.

African Boardgame Convention is a yearly free gaming convention which was labelled arguably the first Tabletop convention in West Africa by the Nigerian Television Authority. Its main purpose is to give people the boardgaming experience in a more conducive atmosphere.

This year, we are organizing a 12 hours nonstop gaming activities which would be the first in Sub Sahara Africa. And we are targeting 1000 people to play games.

Personally, African Boardgame Convention is designed to meet the challenge of the inactive gaming community in Nigeria, introduce Nigerian tabletop gaming to the world; as well as building a community of gamers, designers, artist, illustrators and other people who are interested in the tabletop gaming community/culture.

It’s also an opportunity to introduce new games to people – games they wouldn’t have otherwise known.

Apart from organizing the convention you design your own games. What is your main goal when designing a game?

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The mechanics in my head, choosing a theme, sketching a scene or thinking of production and how how is best to express my story and the most fun method to do that. I just want my players to be able to relate to the game narratives and afterwards create their own part in the story. It was magical to know that games could be used to tell as many stories as possible.

And Nigeria – Africa – have so much to talk about.

What would be your advice for someone who wants to start a company for publishing or promoting board games?

To be frank, I have a lot to learn when it comes to publishing and promoting games. At the moment, all I can advise is, get as much information as you can get, building a network, start immediately and then continue learning and building networks.

Any new games on the horizon?

Yes! Fingers crossed. Very soon, we would start shipping our games. Wait for it enthusiastically and you’ll be thrilled with what you get.