For those who don’t know, could you explain a little about Hachioji Board Game Club? How did it get started?

I rented a room in a share house around 2015 and had a private board game meeting. As I continued it all the while, the scale became bigger and I opened a board game cafe in April 2017.

I am not good at talking with others. This community began with the aim of practicing conversation with others. However, it would have been unbelievable at that time to become a board game cafe.

We’re very interested in board game cultures around the world. How would you describe the scene in Tokyo? What influence does the Tokyo Game Market have on your cafe?

Private board game associations and board game cafes are also increasing in Tokyo. I do not know honestly why this is popular. However, I hope that board games will become as popular as anime and manga.

The Game Market is very popular. Most customers do not come to my shop the day.

Of course, I will also go to the Game Market. And in the evening, I will play in my shop with the games I and the customers have bought.

By releasing a lot of new games in the game market, it has a positive influence on the board game world. In other words, it prevents mannerisms. We do not get tired of being immersed in the board game world.

I’ve noticed the tabletop RPG Call of Cthulhu is very popular in Japan! Why do you think this is?


Cthulhu is simpler than other TRPG systems. I believe that is the reason for popularity.

It is a good point that the character is an ordinary person. Because it is not heroic – but very familiar.

I want to make other TRPG popular, but it is known only to some enthusiasts. I am going to make it popular in my shop.

What advice would you give to somebody thinking about opening their own board game cafe?

A lot of board game cafes were born in Tokyo last year. The number of visitors to the game market has been increasing year by year, and the number of board game fans in Tokyo continues to increase.

If you want to open a board game cafe, it is a good time now.