We’re really interested in A Curious Museum: a ‘digital museum documenting and preserving the past, present, and future of Trading Card Games’. Can you explain the concept?

There are great online resources to get information about old collectable card games, but we want to take it the next step and return some of these games to playability. Through our Twitch channel, we will be able to stream information and gameplay that will hopefully get some people thinking outside of the few hugely popular card games that exist in the market today.

While I am sure we are going to find out that a lot of games deserve to be left to memory, hopefully we find some diamonds!

Where did the idea come from?

I’ve always been really interested in trading card games that didn’t make it.

If you can find them, the games are usually pretty inexpensive to get started in. So I started buying starter sets and packs for any weird, out of print games that I could find and afford. The goal was always to play the games and try to find some cheap fun. The issue was finding people willing to play these obscure games from 20 years ago that nobody had seen or heard of.

But now, I get to take the games to the internet! Hopefully we can tug at someone’s nostalgia for a game, or get new people interested in a game that has been buried for years.

What is it about trading card games that keeps people coming back?

For me, the collecting is almost as big a part of the game as playing. If I have a busy week, I might not be able to dedicate 3 hours in a night to find people and get a game set up.

  Interview: Mark Taylor of Last One In

However, I should be able to squeeze in 30 minutes during my lunch break to try to track down a cool promo card that I am missing from my collection. I think that is the essence of why people are so continuously tempted by collectible games (or collectible content in digital games).

The project is described as a digital museum. What kind of content would you like to produce once it’s up and running?

The ultimate goal would actually be to have a physical museum, where we could set up at cons around the world and give people access to explore the history of CCGs and even be able to have decks so people can jump in and play an obscure ’90s CCG they have never heard of.

In the short term, our goals are to get people into our Twitch where we will have a variety of programs:

  • History of CCGs
    We will choose 1 old CCG to explore in-depth. We will talk about the games life and have discussions on its place in the history of CCGs. In addition we will crack some packs, look at the collection, and play some demo games.
  • The Modern CCG
    We will discuss and stream the modern collection of digital and paper card games. Instead of being great at one game, we are going to be mediocre at as many games as we can find.
  • Evening with a Game Pro
    We will chat with current and former professionals from the gaming industry.
  • The Future of CCGs
    All of the research we do about the history of CCGs will give us insight into where the industry can go in the future. In this program, we will use what we have learned from the past to create our own CCG. This program might be further in the future, but I want to share the entire experience from conception to completion

  Interview: Kenichi Tanabe of COLON ARC

What’s next for the project? And how can people help or get involved?

Our inaugural stream will be happening on January 28, 2018, at 4pm PST and we will be looking at the Harry Potter TCG from the early 2000s. It is a very approachable game set in a world that people still love and cherish, so it will be a lot of fun.

We will have a bunch of giveaways, including packs and promo cards from the game. After that, we will settle into a schedule of streaming current games like Hearthstone, Hex, Eternal, Gwent, Pokemon, and Magic Arena (some day).

We would love to have people join us online (Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and share us with their friends.