Preparing for Essen 2013

This year, we will bring several games to Essen, including Coconuts (which was mentioned here before), Colorful Serengeti (a children´s game) and Heroes of the Three Kingdoms (a light card game).

There is a lot of work connected with attending a fair, especially if you are bringing new games. Many mundane logistical things have to be taken care of, promo material and posters have to be printed, etc.

And most of all you should finish your games in time… So we have been really busy to try and get all our games ready and also get them produced so we actually have something to sell in case some of you guys are interested.

So please excuse the small downtime and if you come by Essen be sure to check out our Booth at Hall 3 O-119 (Korean Pavilion), to check if our preparations lead to a good result! 🙂

  Scouting for games at Göttinger Spieleautorentreffen