KBG at Essen 2013

Korea Boardgames was present as a part of the Korean Pavilion in Hall 3. This year was very special for us, because for the first time we presented a few novelties that we published ourselves and we had hopes to find international partners for some of those, too. So we were very anxious to see the reaction of the visitors, as well as that of the publishers.

The first moment of pride we felt, was when we saw our very first game, Pharaoh Code being featured on the Amigo booth on Wednesday. That game was invented by one of our colleagues who used to work at the warehouse at the time.It is a kind of symbol for the development of our company. To see it arrive at one of the big German brands (and also at many other great publishers all over the world) was very exciting for us:

Our little game on a very big poster

However, we of course already knew that this would be the case. We were much less secure about our new games for this year, namely Heroes of the Three Kingdoms (Light Card Game), Colorful Serengeti (Speed-Observation game for Kids) and of course Coconuts.

What we sadly couldn´t show at the fair yet was our novelty that stems from last years contest, “Boom: Runaway Bombs”. We have made some last minute changes that force us to delay that game by a bit.

We felt that each of our games has a special point that should make it interesting for some (or many!) people, but we were not confident enough to bring in large quantities, so we had a stock of less than 100 items for each. That sounds a little timid, but it is in line with what many other less known publishers from Asia can bring (and more than we used to bring in the past).

  Game Designer Convention in Göttingen

As it turns out, the reaction of the visitors, especially regarding Coconuts, was overwhelmingly positive….

Our fear that the coconuts would be too bouncy and parents would reject the game due to it being too “chaotic” were completely unfounded. Kids, parents, teens, adults, everyone seemed to enjoy our game.This went way beyond any expectations we could have had. Sadly it also meant that our conservatively estimated supply was woefully inadequate…

Why didn´t we bring more ?

We sold out on the first day, the restock on the second day was sold out within one or two hours of opening the fair. The same thing happened on Saturday when we emptied our sample archive and provided a dozen or so additional copies.

At the end of the fair, people were even competing and bidding for our Demo copies. It might sound strange or arrogant to tell this story ourselves, but we were really dumbstruck by this response and it was really wonderful to see everyone enjoy our work like that, so it can´t be left out of this report.

Our other games were received a little more mixed. Heroes of the 3 Kingdoms was a little too shallow for some people, especially those who had expected a full-blown game about the topic. Colorful Serengeti is entering the market at a time where there are already quite a few “speed-observation” games, so it is also not so “special”.

Also, both of those games suffered a little from the fact that we brought pre-produced english copies that were made specifically for the fair, so the quality of the cards and boxes was a little lacking.

  Interview: Laura Grundmann of Oink Games

Nevertheless, we feel those games are great as well (Like every parent we can´t say bad things about our children) – and eventually we sold out all of them as well, leaving us with nothing to sell except for our line of licensed Doraemon games.


As the publishers’ response to our games was equally great, the fair was a complete success for us and we almost couldn´t be happier. We really would have loved to bring more Coconuts though, as we had to leave quite a few kids and even quite a few grown-ups disappointed.