Impressions from FeenCon in Bonn

Good chance that you saw at least one of those last weekend at the “FeenCon” in Bonn, Germany! And it was a good opportunity to meet some authors of fantasy books in person. The main bulk of visitors were obviously from German speaking countries, as most of the authors there published their books in German. To name just a few of them: Janina Robben, Hannah Böving, Lisa Dröttbom and Dirk Richter.

Also interesting were the works of various artists who were at the FeenCon. From Manga Art to medieval style and may drawings…for children and “old children”, everyone could find interesting stuff. Personally, I liked the project Lars Czekalla was presenting: A short movie about a child who tells her father “to grow up”, as he is playing fantasy role playing games with his friends all the time.

The weather was quite hot at the weekend – maybe this prevented the FeenCon from having far more visitors. On the other hand, this created a very relaxed atmosphere, as one could stroll freely through the location. Big thumbs up to the main organizer Tore Herr, who made the FeenCon 2016 come true!

  Interview: Hilko Drude