Christian and HK’s entry, Cucumberpocalypse, is a light strategy game about building up your nation to deal with an impending invasion of space cucumbers.

Christian is working as an English teacher in a town south of Seoul, sometimes using boardgames in the classroom for educational purposes, HK is working for a market research company. As expected, gaming is the reason those two found each other: They are both active table-top gamers, occasionally straying into eurogames, too.

Left to right: Christian, HK and Simon

We found them both to be extemely friendly and likeable fellows even though the first news we had to give them, was actually that their game is not going to be among the top three of our contest. The structure of the game is solid and the theme is interesting,but we found the balance and variety of the game to be lacking a little.

They took the bad news in good humor and explained how they literally finished the game in the last second, so not enough time for playtesting remained. Hopefully they will continue to develop games with the same passion they showed when we met them: We are pretty sure that the world needs a great game about space cucumbers and they are in a great position to deliver that.

  Preparing for Essen 2013