2016 KBG Game Design Challenge

  1. Topic

  • Family game meets Gamer’s game, 60 min or less
  1. Jury Criteria

  • Elegance (Easy rules that still provide interesting and engaging gameplay)
  • Technical Excellence (Well-rounded rules without loopholes or imbalances)
  • High Replay Value
  • Originality
  1. Entry Conditions

  • Both new and experienced authors may participate
  • Only original, unpublished games
  • No games that have been entered into other contests or submitted to a publisher during the time of this contest
  • Rules may be sent in English or Korean
  1. Required Submission Content

  • Complete rules (.pdf or .doc or .ppt)
  • 1-2 Pictures of the game in progress
  • Game Description (not more than one A4-page)
  • Author Information Sheet with (scanned) signature (find it here)
  • Prototype (only if selected for the final round)
  1. Prizes

  • Gold Prize: US$ 1000 + offer to publish the game at KBG and $1500 royalty down payment
  • Silver Prize: US$ 500

Please be aware that according to Korean law 4.4% income tax applies to prices.

  1. Jury and Selection Process

  • The Jury will consist of the Korea Boardgames Editorial Team.
  • Jury decisions are final and there is no right of appeal
  • No reason for elimination from the contest will be given
  • KBG employees are not allowed to participate in the contest
  1. Other Rules

  • The rights to the games remain with the authors at all times.
  • Submissions should be sent to: go@koreaboardgames.com
  • KGB is not to be held liable for any unsolicited mailings
  • Entries that don’t fulfill the requirements outlined in section 3 of these rules will be disqualified
  • In case of fraud by participants, KBG reserves the right to withdraw or reclaim prizes as appropriate
  1. Timeline

  • Contest Announcement: January 18th
  • Submission Period: January 18th – April 1st
  • Evaluation: April 1st – April 18th
  • Announcement of Finalists: April 18th
  • Prototype Sending: April 18th – May 20th
  • Finalist Testing: Until August 24th
  • Announcement of Winners: August 24th

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is professional artwork required?
A: No!

Q: Are games that are in crowdfunding during the contest allowed ?
A: No.

Q: Are games that have been published as a free print&play game allowed ?
A: Yes.

Q: Is only the rulebook required for the inital entry?
A: For the initial entry we need the rulebook, a minimum of 1-2 pictures of the game, the author information sheet and a basic overview of the game.

Q: Is using borrowed art for the submission allowed?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it ok if the game uses a licensed theme?
A: Yes.

Q: To enter a game designed by a group of designers, do we need a separate Author Information Sheet for each designer or is one designer in authority enough?
A: It’s your choice! But including all authors on one or several sheets will avoid any ambiguity or risk.

Feature image: Dave DeSandro.