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Reviews of our Novelties

Essen 2014 is already one month over and we got many reviews to share for our games we presented there this year.

For Abraca…what?

In French:

Abraca…What ? Gary Kim & Marie Cardouat, c’est magique

In German:


And there is a video with an overview from the guys at Cliquenabend. It’s also in German:

For King’s Pouch

There is this awesome rules explanation video from W. Eric Martin:

And a review in French:

King’s Pouch : le bagbuilding, nouvel eldorado ?

And an English podcast featuring the game:

For Grand Slam

There is a really nice review over at BGG:

Stay tuned for more awesome news in the next couple of weeks. We hope it won’t take long until our games become avaiable in a FLGS near you.