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  • Game design finalists announced Korea Boardgames Design Contest 2017 August 1, 2017
  • 2017 Korea Boardgames Design Contest Get designing to win! May 9, 2017
  • The universal basic income game design contest Could basic income alleviate inequality in Korea? December 13, 2016
  • Winners of the KBG Design Contest 2016 As stated before for this year we decided to have only two prizes which can be awarded multiple times. We would like to award the silver prize for unique and interesting games to three entries of our contest. Before announcing the winners first we want to thank all the participants of our contest. We had […] August 31, 2016
  • Game Designer Convention in Göttingen No question – Korea Board Games sent out scouts to find promising prototypes of new board and card games! And they were quite excited – what surprises would this convention bring? The city hall of the medieval German city of Göttingen was the place where Game designers from all over Europe came together to show […] June 8, 2016
  • Finalist Announcement First off, thanks everybody for participating in our little contest. After a thorough evaluation process we finally can announce the finalists for the Korea Boardgames Design Contest 2016. With 163 submissions from 14 different countries we decided on these 32 entries for the final round: Easter Island (Richard de Rijk) The Ogels – Building a […] May 1, 2016
  • KBG Design Contest 2016 This year is a special one for us, because this is the fifth time that we are starting this contest. We can look back on a very successful history of contests. Not only did we receive over 500 high quality submissions over the years, but there were also several which were published by KBG. The […] January 20, 2016
  • King’s Pouch Contest Winner Announcement Hey everybody! Essen is over for more than 2 weeks now and finally we come around to look at the amazing stuff you send us for the contest. Until then these are the winners of the King’s Pouch contest: prize: A KBG mega bundle consisting of King’s Pouch, Coconuts, Abraca…what?, Monster my neighbor, Dungeon Busters, Grand […] October 28, 2015
  • The King’s Pouch Contest Hey everybody! With the arrival of fresh copies of King’s Pouch we want to celebrate this game, which Richard Ham of Rahdo Runs Through praised for “best bag building in a bag builder”. You can find his great video here. Without further ado I can announce the King’s Pouch contest here on our blog with […] September 7, 2015