Spot the Monkey!

Advertising is a necessary thing for any serious company. When you have a good product, you have to make sure to reach as many people who might be interested, as possible. One major form of advertising that is sometimes viewed critically is “Product Placement”. Some people argue that this kind of “subliminal” advertising is somehow dishonest towards the audience. For us at KBG this is a major part of our promotion strategy.

One of the reasons for us to pursue this strategy stems from the nature of our target market itself. In our country it is not as normal and natural to play boardgames as in Europe or America. So for us, being able to showcase our product in a casual way as a natural part of the cast of the drama, holds a value in itself. If we are going to establish our games as an accepted part of mainstream society, product placement is a perfect way to transmit that message. And honestly, we are also proud to have achieved a position where we can afford to place our games in popular tv shows and series – it doesn´t come free!

Here are some other more or less blatant product placement scenes with boardgames:





  It's not how you play the game, but how the dice were made