How To Make Bombs Out Of Farming Animals

In Grazing Lands, players simultaneously play animal cards in different colors, face-down. Depending on the nature of the grazing land (as per the grazing land card of that turn) there is more or less space for a certain color of animals, so when all players’ cards are revealed, some of the animals have to return to the hands of their owners, until the limit is not exceeded anymore. Owners of the remaining animals score points.

In last year’s contest, we found that it was really nice fast-paced card game, that allowed for bluffing, calculation and frequently hilarious outcomes, when the cards were revealed. So we decided to publish it.

As for the gameplay itself, we were already quite happy with it, so not many changes were made to the rules of the game. However, as a part of our long-term strategy, we wanted to try and fit it into one of our existing product lines. One of our more successful

games in Korea is our Boom – Bomb Game:


With our move to this theme, we introduced quite a lot of problems for ourselves. At first we thought, that going over the limit in Grazing Lands would be an event that kind of resembles an explosion. That would make for a good first step to convert the theme. But looking closer, that doesn’t really work. Not all of the Bombs are removed and some remain to be scored. So… a partial explosion ? It looked like we might have to go back to the original theme or find a completely different one… Expanding on our “Boom” theme might be ill-advised anyway, considering that bombs are not something that we would want children to become well acquainted with (even if they are cute…).

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We found a variant, that would fit the game way better and also help us with our bad conscience: Our little cute bombs are actually not fond of exploding, at all! Because of that, they want to run away from their armory and go to a peaceful place (might we call it a “bomb shelter”?). During their escape, they have to take care. If too many of them try to run at the same time, the guards of the armory will notice.

We replace the lush grazing lands of the original prototype with evil armory guards and instead of cute animals, we have cute and completely peaceful bombs. This is a little weird, but it also means that our game suddenly has a really nice message, that we are happy to send to our younger customers: Instead of Grazing Lands, they will play Boom – Runaway Bombs. And instead of blowing things up, maybe they will understand that war is not fun, even for the bombs themselves!

We are working on completing our design right now and hopefully we will be ready in time to bring this game to Essen. Below let us show two examples of what our Bombs look like right now (Unfinished – Work in Progress):

Granpa Bomb Tries Digging a Tunnel
Granpa Bomb Tries Digging a Tunnel
Engineer Bomb Escapes Via Jetpack
Engineer Bomb Escapes Via Jetpack