Winners of the KBG Design Contest 2016

As stated before for this year we decided to have only two prizes which can be awarded multiple times. We would like to award the silver prize for unique and interesting games to three entries of our contest. Before announcing the winners first we want to thank all the participants of our contest. We had a good time playing the games and we are proud that our little contest which started 5 years ago grew to what it is now.

Now without further ado, the winners of the silver prize of the KBG Design Contest 2016:

Defuser by Liu Xiao

모범시민 (Model Citizen) by 박민후

최고의 상인 (The Best Traders) by 김성현

Feedback for the finalist entries will follow. Also everyone who sent a prototype will get it back soon.
Thank you for your participation and see you again next time.

  Winner Announcement of the KBG Design Contest 2014