What’s going on?

Hey everybody!

First of all I’m really excited to write that we found for many of our games partners worldwide. The beautiful spellcasting game Abraca… what? will be

– Abracada.. What? in English through Z-Man Games

– Simsala… Bumm? in German, through Pegasus Spiele

and Abracada… Quoi? through Moonster Games as already mentioned in an earlier post. Pegasus also will distribute Coconuts (as Crazy Coconuts) and Bling Bling Gemstone (as Kling Klang Klunker). Exciting news for anyone in Europe trying to get our games.

Our game King’s Pouch which debuted in Essen will be exclusively available here on this blog. We will prepare a webshop but in the meantime if you are interested in a copy send me an email at go [at] koreaboardgames.com and I will get in touch with you.

Also our contest is still running. So if you have designed a game don’t hesitate to send it in to our contest with the possibility to win $1000.

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