The universal basic income game design contest

The Korean magazine Hangyeoreh 21 is launching a game design contest in collaboration with Kakao Story Funding and Korea Boardgames. It’s about answering a simple question: “Would you like to receive a basic monthly income of 1.35 million won – or about $1200US?”

Game designers are well-suited to explore issues surrounding the universal basic income.

You’ll be tasked with designing a game about a society that guarantees fixed income to anyone. By letting us experience the reality of basic income, can such a game influence how we feel about equal opportunities? Could this income be a new hope for Hell Joseon?

We are counting on you to turn the imagination into reality.

The contest will be conducted and evaluated by the representatives of Korea Boardgames. The first prize winner will be published and commercialized by the company (if no game has enough potential for publishing, there will no 1st prize winner).

If the game is published, it will be the first board game based on basic income in the world!

Contest Information


Design a tabletop game based on basic income, with a playtime under one hour.


Submitted games will go through two evaluation phases.

  1. Jury will evaluate rules and entry form sent by each contestant and select finalists for 2nd phase.
  2. Jury will evaluate prototypes sent by contestants selected in the previous phase, and select winners.


  • Korea Boardgames (3F, Contest), 10 Yopung-gil, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do 413-841, Korea.

Submission Requirements

  • Game description (no longer than single A4 page)
  • Complete rules (only .pdf, .doc or .ppt accepted)
  • 1-2 pictures of gameplay
  • Author information form
  • Signature must be handwritten. When submitting your project by mail, please print the form to sign and scan it (or take a clear picture of the form) to send it to the Jury.
  KBG Contest 2015: Finalist Announcement


The submission deadline is February 1st, 2017 (submissions sent by post stamped on that date are taken into account).


  • Announcement of 1st phase finalists: February 13th
  • 2nd phase prototype sent to Jury: from February 14th to March 10th
  • Announcement of winners: March 31th


1st place: 1,000,000 won
(~$850US at time of publication)

2nd place: 400,000 won
(~$350US at time of publication)

3rd place: 200,000 won
(~$170US at time of publication)

Please be aware that under the Articles 21 and 33 of Korea’s Corporation & Income Tax Law, prizes are subject to taxes.

Additional rules

  • Rights of the game remain author’s property at all times.
  • Number of games submitted by a contestant is not limited to 1.
  • Submitted games should not be previously published. Games already going through another contest or under contract with another publisher cannot be submitted.
  • All entry forms and prototypes sent to Jury will not be send back afterwards.
  • Korea Boardgames cannot use or publish any submitted entry form and prototype without author’s consent. If
  • Korea Boardgames wants to use it for commercial purposes, the company must sign a contract in due form with the author.
  • Any submission that is not an author’s original work will be disqualified, prize will be canceled, and prize money will be reclaimed.
  • Korea Boardgames will not be held responsible for any unsolicited mail the company receives.
  • Any contestants who don’t fulfill the requirements outlined herewith will be disqualified.