The King’s Pouch Contest

Hey everybody!

With the arrival of fresh copies of King’s Pouch we want to celebrate this game, which Richard Ham of Rahdo Runs Through praised for “best bag building in a bag builder”. You can find his great video here.

Without further ado I can announce the King’s Pouch contest here on our blog with the possibilty to win great prizes. You can win King’s Pouch of course but also our other games like Abraca… what?! and Coconuts and even our novelties for this year: Monster my Neighbor and Dungeon Busters.

In order to win this game we ask you to be creative with the game King’s Pouch: Please send us a picture, a short story, a poem, a song or any creative expression related to King’s Pouch. We don’t want to limit your creativity just make sure it relates in one way or another to the game King’s Pouch.

  1. prize: A KBG mega bundle consisting of King’s Pouch, Coconuts, Abraca…what?, Monster my neighbor, Dungeon Busters, Grand Slam, Boom Runaway, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms and Colorful Serengeti
  2. prize: King’s Pouch, Coconuts, Monster My Neighbor and Dungeon Busters
  3. prize: a copy of King’s Pouch and Coconuts
  4. prize: a copy of King’s Pouch
  5. prize: a copy of King’s Pouch

We will choose the lucky winners on September 30th and announce them here on the blog.

If you have any question feel free to ask at

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