Moving House


The Essen game fair 2013 coming closer and closer so there are lots of things that we have to wrap up for that. We have to finish the games that we want to show in Essen, make appointments with our partners and generally prepare the visit.

And in the middle of that, we have to move our offices to a new location, which makes everything a little more difficult than usual.

Up until now, we (the guys you saw in the last post) had our offices directly at our company’s HQ which houses all the other departments, too (Sales, Online, Accounting, Logistics, …). This was quite nice but also a little crowded.

Therefore, when we had the opportunity to move, we took it. And the location we chose is actually quite an interesting one.

This former bookstore is located in the middle of “English Village”, which is a strange mixture between amusement park, accurately replicated “European Style” village and gigantic english-tutoring academy.

The park has seen better times and while it might get some visitors on the weekends it is eerily empty during week days (maybe that is why were able to rent this at pretty affordable prices). When we checked the premises for the first time, we had quite a few doubts and we wondered whether this would really be adequate. But once we got used to the strange atmosphere of that place, we decided that it is actually quite cool to live in a haunted ghost town.

Our plan is to use this as our new home base as we increase our development activity and at the same time open a little board game shop on the lower floors to make “English Village” a little more lively :). Once we have finished our preparations, everyone who lives in or close to Korea should be sure to visit us.

  Korea Boardgames 2018 Design Contest

But first of all we will have to clean up that place, get our stuff over there and make it our own!

So… this will be all for this week. Be sure to join us next week for the announcements of the winners of the KBG Design Contest 2013!