Meet the Team

Recently, the KBG Development Team had the rare opportunity to go out with all members present. We choose the finest venue around, the Premium Brewing House “The Table”, a truly exceptional and luxurious place.

Sadly we don’t sell enough games yet to be able to afford a reservation. So when we couldn’t find a free table in “The Table” we ended up going to the convenience store on the other side of the street instead.

From left to right: 영한 (Cool Guy), 자연(Game Inventor), 준호(International Star Artist – Pharaoh Code), Great Gamer Ghiot (Front), 정훈(Monk and Pharaoh Code Author), 시몬(산적), 근배 (International Star Designer – Coconuts), 상우 (Leader of 소환사-Team) and Albi (English Teacher)

Greetings from us to you guys all over the world!

  KBG at the 2013 Board Game Con