Recently, the KBG Development Team had the rare opportunity to go out with all members present. We choose the finest venue around, the Premium Brewing House “The Table”, a truly exceptional and luxurious place.

Sadly we don’t sell enough games yet to be able to afford a reservation. So when we couldn’t find a free table in “The Table” we ended up going to the convenience store on the other side of the street instead.

From left to right: 영한 (Cool Guy), 자연(Game Inventor), 준호(International Star Artist – Pharaoh Code), Great Gamer Ghiot (Front), 정훈(Monk and Pharaoh Code Author), 시몬(산적), 근배 (International Star Designer – Coconuts), 상우 (Leader of 소환사-Team) and Albi (English Teacher)

Greetings from us to you guys all over the world!

  Coconuts nominated for Danish Children's Game of the Year