King’s Pouch Contest Winner Announcement

Hey everybody!

Essen is over for more than 2 weeks now and finally we come around to look at the amazing stuff you send us for the contest. Until then these are the winners of the King’s Pouch contest:

  1. prize: A KBG mega bundle consisting of King’s Pouch, Coconuts, Abraca…what?, Monster my neighbor, Dungeon Busters, Grand Slam, Boom Runaway, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms and Colorful Serengeti goes to Brian Nguyen. Thank you Brian!
  2. prize King’s Pouch, Coconuts, Monster My Neighbor and Dungeon Busters goes to Tommy Nomad. Thank you Tommy!
  3. prize  a copy of King’s Pouch and Coconuts goes to Hanibal Sonderegger. Thank you Hanibal
  4. prize: a copy of King’s Pouch goes to Dimitri G. Thank you Dimitri
  5. prize: a copy of King’s Pouch goes to Hannes Lebert. Thank you Hannes.

Thank you all for your participation! If I haven’t already I will contact you soon for your address.

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