KBG Design Contest 2014: Finalists

Hey everybody!

We are happy to announce the finalists of the KBG design contest 2014. It was a tough choice once again but some games had to be dropped off of our list.

We would like to thank not only the finalists but everybody who participated for their great work and sending in so many interesting concepts!

These are our finalists for the KBG design contest 2014:

Apprentice – Sellers, David (USA)
Cartel – Tu, Steven (Heng Cheng) (South Africa)
Clairvoyant – Schilstra, Tim (Korea)
Drakkar – Rojo Arias, Victor (Spain)
Families and Bloodlines – Giannios, Babis (Greece)
Favela – Piersiak, Jakub (Poland)
Lord of the P.I.G.S – Lerma Rodrigo, Alvaro (Spain)
Noble Blood – Di Stefano, Marc (USA)
Propulsion – Tinney, Jared (USA)
Publication of Articles – Masanori, Aoki (Japan)
Robominations – Dymchenko, Sergii (USA)
The Goblin that I Saw – Romulo, Marquez (Brazil)
Wheel and Deal – Ellenburg, Kevin (USA)
Witch Hunt – Rodríguez Samaniego, Jorge (Spain)
글자의심리학 – 노성종 (Korea)
디지털넘버 – 김진우 (Korea)
라스트다이스스탠딩 – 김기웅 (Korea)
마녀사냥 – 박준기 (Korea)
몬스터박물관 – 이석준 (Korea)
뱅크잡 – 강희원 (Korea)
셋더테이블 – 이동명 (Korea)
소리소문 없이박규리 (Korea)
숲속의 작은공원 – 배한 (Korea)
치킨이닭- 손성호 (Korea)
파일즈 – 황소망 (Korea)
회식의신 – 김민진 (Korea)

As a part of our extra contest for Korean elementary schools these games were selected as finalists:

랜턴 – 윤석규 (Korea)
메이크쉐이프 – 신정환 (Korea)
시커싸커 – 이서율 (Korea)
피드더프로그 – 신수민 (Korea)
재미있는 도형나라 – 김태린 (Korea)

We will contact the finalists today to arrange shipping of the prototypes. The announcement of the winners will take place here on 1st of october.

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In the meantime we will post interesting information and images of our games coming to Essen this year. So be sure to check back from time to time.