Introducing The Rondel

After 20 months with Sweet Lemon / Nice Game Publishing, our social media and website guy is moving on to some new projects – including an online marketplace for the tabletop industry. 

Nice Game Publishing is not affiliated with this site in any way. Still… best of luck, Ash! 

The Rondel is a new website for the tabletop industry. It allows illustrators, graphic designers, writers (and more) to create a free listing and get in touch with tabletop publishers.

As an online marketplace, creators set their own rates and accept or reject any offers from publishers. We handle the invoicing, payment and reviews (for both creators and publishers) to streamline the process for everyone.

We’ve only just moved into the soft launch, but you can already create a free account at this link.

You can also follow along via Twitter and Facebook.


How much does it cost?

This question comes up a lot, so I try to stress it: The Rondel is free. Nobody will ever be charged for creating an account or making a listing (whether seeking or offering work).

So how does The Rondel make money?

Like most online marketplaces, The Rondel takes a 10% commission from successful sales – so if the publishers pays $100, the artist receives $90.

However, creators who sign up during the soft launch phase will receive three months of commission-free sales. This means The Rondel won’t take anything from your sales in this period.

But what if I make a big sale? 10% can add up…

At any point, creators can purchase a $20 monthly subscription that completely removes their commission fees. This effectively means The Rondel will never take more than $20 / month from creators – a pretty good deal, no?

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Isn’t the site kind of small?

Correct! The Rondel has only just moved into soft launch. At the time of writing, there are 53 members.

You can check out the site at

Any questions, comments, suggestions? I’d love any and all feedback from artists, publishers, and anyone involved with board games. Just leave your thoughts below.

Thanks for taking a look!