Fantasy Defense on Kickstarter

Exactly one week after launching our campaign we’re very happy with the current state of affairs! We have already unlocked the second chapter of the campaign and are well on the way to unlocking the third.

Thanks for your support!

Additionally, we’ve received one Mercenary Pledge (adding a unique new allied unit to the game) and recently we got our first Evil Lieutenant Pledge. This means there will be an additional envelope for all KS Limited Edition backers with a unique boss to fight  as well as their minions, backstory and unlock condition (and of course this is hidden content so we won´t reveal much more)!

Since we love to see your ideas, we´ll be running a contest to win an Evil Lieutenant Level Pledge worth 480€. This prize includes:

  • Your own Envelope with a Boss, Minion Type (including new illustrations based on your input) and Unlock Condition that will be included in the KS-Limited edition of the game.
  • 1 Deluxe Edition Pledge content including Playmat and Sleeves for all cards
  • 4 Additional KS-Limited edition copies to spread among your friends
  • Free worldwide shipping

How To Enter: Leave your submission on the comments section of the Fantasy Defense Campaign.

What to Enter: We´ll need a description of your Boss and his Minions, ideally including some gameplay mechanisms they could use. We’ll also need your suggestion for how your boss could be unlocked.

Submission Example

Necromancer (Boss)

Story: Some nights, when the moon is full and the air itself seems frozen, spirits and shambling corpses from The Other Side begin to roam. Some say you can coax them into doing your bidding…

  Design Contest 2013: Finalists

Gameplay: Mechanisms could include returning killed units to the deck. CV35/60 “As long as the necromancer is in play, return 1 enemy unit from the discard pile to the bottom of the deck.”

Skeleton (Minion)

Story: Frozen bones brought dancing back to life with arcane energies.

Gameplay:  CV10, “Whenever you put a non-skeleton unit on the discard pile, if there are skeletons on the discard pile, return one of them to the gates using normal placement rules.”

Unlock Condition: “Drawn To Power”
To open this envelope, beat the basic game without using any spells.

That’s it!

Just post your idea on the Fantasy Defense Comment Page. We´ll select and test the best ideas during the next 2 weeks, with earlier entries generally having a better chance of being tested than later ones.

We´ll announce the winner one week before the end of the campaign, on May 14th.

Thanks everyone and see you soon!