Design Contest 2013: Finalists

Last year we felt that actually playing the games was crucial to judging them, so we tried to stretch our shipping budget to the limit and include as many good entries as possible.

Nevertheless, this year again, some very interesting games had to be dropped off of our lists. So we would like to thank not only those who are listed below, but also those who did not get selected this time around, for making the contest interesting and giving us some tough choices in the first round already. Find the full list of finalists below the line.

The full list of finalists:

김건희 – 해마 Sea Horse
김민상 – 히어로 디텍티드 Hero Detected
김조희 – 샌프란시스코  San Francisco
노성종 – 총사령관 The Commander
박진선 – 워터 봄 Water Spring
신승원 – 몽타주 Montage
신형규 – 메모리필드 Memory Field
여지우 – 오적 Five Thieves
오주현 – 흑백공방 Black and White Studio
이동명, 최선주 – 보석왕 통통이 Bouncy Gems
이진솔 – 지금 시체들이 향하는 곳 Where The Dead Go
임세환 – 워부티 War Booty
황소망 – 스팀 엔진 Steam Engine
Carlos Quesada Gonzalez – Dr. Livingstone, I presume?
Christian Peter Tapp, Hyung Kyu Choi – Cucumberpocalypse
Christwart Conrad – Dice Royal
Daniel Solis – Train Town
Daryl Chu Hong Chow – The Centauri Expedition
Eirini Malegiannaki – Ichinilates in ancient Athens
Espen Klausen – Pack It!
Ferenc Vasas – PonTogon
Hartmut Kommerell – Scramble – Don’t miss the Ark
Mark Klassen & Yves Tourigny- Glaciation
Mathijs Jansen – Boulder Crush
Petra Wolf, Daniel Wolf – Gouda
Samuel Mercer – Wolf & Pack
Torsten Landsvogt – Window Cards

  Fantasy Defense on Kickstarter

We will contact these finalists via email,  later today, to arrange for the shipping of the prototypes to our offices. The prototype testing phase will begin on 26th of August and we will announce the overall winners on 1st of October.

In the meantime, we will continue to post news on the contest and other projects frequently on this site, so be sure to check back from time to time!

UPDATE: Note that the emails to international participants have been sent. If you are one of the international names on this list, but you did not receive an emal yet, please contact us!