NiceGameHub is the companion site to NiceGameShop. Both exist to support Asian and imported board games, spreading news, views and interviews about the global tabletop industry to a wider audience.

It’s grown from the longstanding relationship between Sweet Lemon Publishing (in Bonn, Germany) and Korea Boardgames (in Seoul, Korea).

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Korea Boardgames is the leading boardgame company in Korea, promoting and distributing great boardgames from all over the world in Korea. And also Korea Boardgames publishes some family games. Korea Boardgames have partnerships with global game companies such as Hasbro, Mattel, Amigo, Kosmos, Fantasy Flight Games, ThinkFun and many more. Korea Boardgames have a massive distribution network, ranging from general stores to hypermarkets and online markets. Because of this Korea Boardgames have been experiencing strong and steady growth since the founding of our company in 2004.

Korea Boardgames endeavors to spread the boardgame – culture in Korea by introducing fun, fast-playing family games for everyone. Additionally Korea boardgames are trying to cater to the needs of the growing number of experienced gamers interested in more complex titles. This includes european-style games as well as trading card games like Magic – The Gathering. Another part of Korea Boardgames’ business is trying to bring learning and fun together with always expanding range of educational games.


Sweet Lemon Publishing is a tabletop startup based in Bonn, Germany.

Their early work focused on scouting, editing and consulting for Korea Boardgames. In recent months, the company has expanded to crowdfunding its first release (Terrible Monster) and launching an online store that specializes in importing to the European market (NiceGameShop).

So what’s a sweet lemon? Good games that don’t quite fit the criteria for conventional publishing. Feel free to start a conversation if you have that kind of design!

Feature image: Jared Cherup.